10 Zozi Approved Sustainable Gifts for Christmas

10 Zozi Approved Sustainable Gifts for Christmas


Christmas is one of our favourite times of year here at Zozi. Not only is the weather the best for beach days and hiking (here in Australia anyway), it's also the time to see family and spend some good quality time together. And while gifts usually aren't the main focus of christmas, this year, they are even more meaningful with many people not being able to see their families in person. But that doesn't mean we should forget about the impacts they can have on the world. Giving your loved ones a gift that cares about the world is a great way to show that you care about them. 

So if you're stuck on ideas, here's a list of some of our favourite sustainable gift ideas to give your friends and family this Christmas! 

Seed & Sprout - Eco Kitchen Basics

This Eco Kitchen Basics set that is currently 38% off is perfect for that person who's keen to start their sustainable household! It includes a compostable kitchen sponge set, a pink grapefruit dish bar, a bamboo handle dish brush and a pot scrubber. They'll make your kitchen look gorgeous too! 
Seed and Sprout | Sustainable Kitchen | Sustainable Living

© Seed and Sprout

Zozi - Kind Tank

This tank top is made ethically and from sustainable EcoVero fabric with a gorgeous 'the eco kind' logo. Super soft and comfortable this will become an immediate staple for the lucky receiver. 


Allbirds - Women's Tree Dashers

These sustainably made sneakers are perfect for the eco-conscious fitness guru in your family. They're made from renewable materials and are engineered for serious performance and comfort!

 Women's Tree Dashers - Blizzard (White Sole)

© Allbirds


S'well - Reusable Water Bottle

Get them a reusable water bottle that they'll never leave the house without! These waterbottles from S'well are vacuum-insulated and will keep things hot for up to 24 hours and cold for up to 48 hours. This is especially great during our Australian summers when a refrehing sip of water is always welcome! Their countless designs will cater to everyone's tastes. 

Swell | Reusable Water Bottle | Eco Christmas 

© S'well

Plants in a Box - Indoor House Plant

Why not get them an indoor house plant, because who doesn't love their house looking like a jungle!? Head down to your local nursery and pick one out yourself, or if you're sending one from far away Plants in a Box have a delivery service with a quality guarantee! Even better, choose one that won't need much water like this Anthurium andraeanum. 

Plants in a Box | Indoor Plant | Eco Christmas

© Plants in a Box

Zozi - Bamboo Socks

A great stocking filler these socks are made ethically and with sustainable bamboo fabric. Not to mention they'll go with any outfit! 


Adopt a Koala - Koala Hospital

After the devastating fires in Australia the koala population is seriously struggling. Giving someone the gift of adopting a koala is great for someone who wants to make a difference! 

Koala | Eco Gifts | Adopt Wildlife

© Ellie Prober

Wandering Yogi - Pink Sunrise Travel Yoga Mat

These mats are 100% carbon neutral, recyclable and biodegradable. With heaps of beautiful designs to choose from you'll be able to find one for everyone in your family. Family yoga sessions here we come!

Wandering Yogi | Eco Yoga Mat | Eco Active

© Wandering Yogi

Ecologist Co - Beeswax Food Wrap 

These adorable beeswax food wrap are the perfect replacement for glad wrap. They're great for covering your leftovers or wrapping a sandwich and can be used again and again!

Ecologist Co | Beeswax Food Wrap | Eco Kitchen

© Ecologist Co

The Sustainable Home by Christine Liu

If they're keen to become sustainable in more areas of their life this book will be a lifesaver! It's got small, easy tips as well as bigger projects for the crafty people in your life. It's also gorgeous as a coffee table book!

Sustainable Home | Eco Living | Dymocks Books

© Dymocks Books

Wrapping Paper

When giving sustainable gifts you can't forget about making sure they're wrapped in a sustainable way as well! A study in 2017 found that Australians use enough wrapping paper over christmas to wrap around the world's equator four times, and it just gets ripped up and thrown away. So it's about time we found an alternative!

A great reusable option is to find a nice scarf and simply tie it up around the gift. If you're posting a gift or can't get the wrapping back, use an old newspaper or Flora and Fauna offer some great recycled options. 


Sustainability is so important for us here at Zozi, which is why we want to encourage it in every aspect of life. We hope you enjoy the Christmas period and send the love with these sustainable gifts! 


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